Indeedy Musical Bingo

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Indeedy Inc.
Event Design & Nightlife

Indeedy Musical Bingo was created by Indeedy Inc., a nightlife and party design company headed by husband and wife team Jess Indeedy and DJ Charles ‘Helix’ Brockbank, who have been putting on their competition for twelve years. Our team is a bunch of fun, kind, creative people who are like family to us. Together we have the best time bringing our glittery show, party music and hilarious prizes to the world!

Why do we do this?
This concept was invented out of love – Charles’ love of music, design, and DJing, and Jess’ love of music, parties, and performing. It all started as a one-off for a day festival back in 2007, and we had no idea how addicted people would get! The loyalty and love we get from our fans truly keeps us bringing the bingo. Putting together the musical themes, choosing the silly prizes, and thinking of ways for our guests to have the best night ever is so rewarding for us. This is why we’ll be putting on this show until we are geriatric and of traditional bingo age!